Connemara Tea Factory Is The Pride Of India

April 12, 2017
Connemara Tea Factory Is The Pride Of India

Booking bus tickets earlier is the nice way to keep away from the crowds during vacation and revel in the magnificence and ethnicity of Kerala. Kerala is popular for its backwaters, Western Ghats, spices and tea plantations.
Tea plantations and cultivation had been added in Kerala by using the British colonizers for the duration of colonial instances. They became aware that the soil conditions and temperature of the hill ranges within the Western Ghats were suitable for cultivating tea. Consequently, nowadays India is the largest producer and exporter of tea within the global.

Vandiperiyar city is eighteen kilometers far from Thekkady. The Periyar River flows all the manner through the middle of Vandiperiyar metropolis and nourishes its huge espresso, tea and pepper plantations. Connemara tea factory is positioned on the Alleppey-Thekkady Road passing thru Vandiperiyar metropolis in Iddukki district. Tourists constitution bus leases and tour the plantation.
The Periyar Connemara Estate is called after the Irish engineer, who had designed this manufacturing unit inside the year 1941. Now, those seven hundred acres of tea plantation is owned and operated by using the neighborhood man Mr. Pita Thomas from 1941.
The plantation has a beautiful view with lush green tea timber masking the placid hill slopes forming a inexperienced protecting over the hill floor. The bushes have vivid inexperienced leaves which have pointed ends and quality aroma. While strolling across the tea plantation you could revel in the aroma of tea, that is revitalizing.
Benefits to tea plantation personnel
There are approximately 600 employees, who paintings here and majority of them are women. Everyday they pick out 15 to twenty kilograms of tea leaves with their hands or round 150 kilograms the usage of special cutters. They are paid roughly 5.50 dollar in step with day or Rs. 250/- as wages. Food and lodging facilities are also provided for them. Other facilities include loose health care and school for youngsters.
About the tea tree
The tea trees are saved at waist peak, in order that the new tea leaves performing on the top can be without difficulty plucked. The average age of a tea tree is about 600 years, however after 50 years the flavor begins to decrease slowly and so the plantation owners take action and plant new bushes.
Tea pickings
Tea pickings are carried out through women in organizations and their supple fingers pick simply the bud and that too the first two leaves from every shoot. They select a handful and positioned them within the basket that is suspended on the lower back.
Processing on the Tea Factory
•At the manufacturing unit the tea leaves are transferred in the prolonged metallic beds and fanatics are used to dry them.
•Then they may be shredded and launched on a conveyor belt, in order that they may be beaten constantly by way of rollers into a powder form.
•The tea powder is then passed through a shaking sieve and fed into a massive revolving drum to ferment for about 1 ½ hours.
•This fermentation method offers shade, smell and flavor to the tea.
•Then it is heated for 15 minutes at 132° C earlier than sieving once more.
Five kilo tea leaves can produce 1kg tea powder and the Connemara factory yields approximately 3 heaps of powdered tea daily that can prepare 1.2 million of tea cups. You may be inquisitive about looking this technique, so plan a tour and e book bus tickets reservation from a dependable tour operator.

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